All of your patients’ pediatric care information in a flash.

Meet USBytes Pedi!

Introducing the ultimate patient accessory; meet USBytes, a brand new concept in pediatric medical care.

USBytes is a USB bracelet with accompanying software which contains all of the information pertaining to your patients’ pediatric medical history.

This includes:

  • pediatric care information
  • immunization records and school physicals
  • password protected medical records
    and more!

Compatible with all PCs and requiring only a PDF reader to use, patients can quickly save immunization records and school physicals on their home computer, or share information with other medical providers and staff.

Keep track of your medical history!

Easily track a patient‘s entire medical history (immunization records, school physicals, allergies, surgeries, etc.) by using the USBytes bracelet over a lifetime.

Use your own brand!

The USBytes software can be branded to promote your practice. Your practice’s logo and contact information can be displayed on the bracelet and software that stores patient information.

Cost effective!

Save on time spent retrieving individual medical records and information by letting patients take the information home with them!

Draw new patients!

Join the practices which are already on the cutting edge of medical care. Parents are excited about this new way to store and carry medical care information.

HIPAA Compliant!

Password protection makes the USBytes bracelet HIPAA compliant. Keep patients connected and protect their pediatric medical history while still allowing authorized medical staff fast access to accurate records.

Would you like more information on how USBytes could benefit your practice? E-mail us!
You can also call 1-855-4USByte.