Introducing all of your patients’ medical information
in a flash.

“This is a fun, easy way for our patients to keep track of their medical information.” Brooke Banks, Manager for Heartland Women’s Healthcare
Electronic data is not just the future of medical care, it’s the present! USBytes is a flash drive bracelet which contains virtual documents that may be accessed by and carried with a patient. That way, whether a patient is 10 or 10,000 miles from home, they and their medical providers have access to their medical history and records at the flick of a wrist. The flash drive bracelet contains software which stores and organizes medical history and information, medical images and videos, allergy information, and much more. USBytes is travel-ready and password-protected, too. The flexible USB bracelet is compatible with all PCs and requires only a PDF reader to use. The included software contains a function which quickly and easily saves images, video, and data to a desktop or laptop computer.
Imagine a medical provider unfamiliar with a patient having immediate and accurate access to that patient’s medical history including height, weight, age, blood type, family history, blood pressure, and more. No matter where your patient is, their records will be with them should an emergency situation arise. Would you like more information on how USBytes could benefit your hospital or practice? E-mail us! You can also call ‪(949) 629-4842.